Sonnyji takes a lead vocal sample from the well known Bollywood track ‘Anarkali Disco’ and sends it into outer space with this Electro/Synth monster of a beat.

The particular part of the vocal used has a sensual, exotic feel to it. Sonnyi created a funky, late night dance track around that vocal which sends the new sound into more Nu Disco territory with a nod to his many inspirations including Mr Oizo, Daft Punk & The Chemical Brothers to name a few.

Says SonnyJi “The original track is a mainstream Bollywood track and I wanted to get as far away from that as possible. I also wanted to have a remix that I would want to play in my own DJ sets along other music and that would challenge ears when heard for the first time”.

And this re-production does exactly that. By taking a well know Bollywood vocal and reconstructing it with French Disco inspired Electro this beat will make you DANCE!
Welcome to Anna’s Disco!

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