“The Mix Is Where The Magic Happens”

SonnyJi Musik is an International Award Winning DJ who began his career in the UK by pioneering a mix of Bhangra beats mixed live with House music in the early noughties. He then created a second pioneering wave of Desi-Fusion on BBC Asian Network with the ‘The Bhangra Mixtape’ show which ran for 6 years from 2007 – 2013. SonnyJi was one of the first to create the open format DJ style live on radio by mixing the sound of his Punjabi roots BHANGRA into genres such as House, Hip-Hop, Urban, UK D&B & Bass music, single handidly inspiring other Mixtape DJ shows on other South Asian stations globally.

Over the years he has garnered himself a reputation as the DJ’s DJ gathering support not just at home in the UK but the world over due to being a true pioneer of the multi-genre mix and being able to take his listeners on a journey creating live remixes on the fly which is all expressed today on the ‘East Beatz West’ podcast.

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