UK DJ SonnyJi takes the summer anthem that was Sip Sip into House music territory with a remix that turns the original totally on its head. Produced and written by SonnyJi this production is totally original with only Jasmine’s vocal sample being used to maximum effect across the entirety of the track as well as SonnyJi’s own voice for the additional vocal. So what’s the sound? Well, SonnyJi quite simply describes it as Desi House Music. His debut remix taking inspiration from one of the leading stars in Punjabi music right now, Jasmine Sandlas. Says SonnyJi “I tend to mix Bhangra music with House and EDM sounds in my mixes so I felt it was high time I put my own stamp on things regarding how I feel a remix should sound”. Not worrying about being the run of a mill remix that pleases everyone, this slab of heavy hitting dance music is for the serious music heads and we are told is just a taste of what is to come from award-winning DJ SonnyJi. This track is a coming together of two worlds; one of Bhangra and the other being the Ibiza inspired sound of SonnyJi. The remix comes with an eye-catching video that perfectly captures the mood and style of the track and is a welcome fresh sound in the Asian music scene today.

Check it out below.

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